Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Oracle Open World 2007 - Day2

Very long day ... but no complaints as I managed to win the Oracle Jeopardy at the OTN Night. Nintendo Wii was the prize I won for that! 11g new features, 10g DBA, 10g AS and SQL were the categories I was quizzed on.

Apart from the Oracle-Jeopardy, the other two things which I really enjoyed was Tom Kyte's Q and A in the OTN lounge and Andy Mendelsohn's keynote (Innovate faster with Oracle Database 11g). Mark Townsend's case studies and demonstrations made this keynote very interesting. The keynote also included the live interviews of five customers. It was good to see Arup again today as he was the fifth customer (startwood hotels) interviewed by Andy.

My pick for today's best session is "Implementing Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture at AllState Insurance, Using Oracle 10g RAC, ASM, Data Guard and Grid Control" by Michael Hughes. This session was very detail oriented explaining the various available options with its merits and demerits. For the second spot, I would vote "Oracle 11g: Next-Generation High availability" by Juan Loiza.

I also spent a good 90 minutes in the exhibition hall. Was not lucky enough with the wheel of fortune...It was amazing to note that few booths had car ( lexus!) as raffle prices! Not sure who that lucky winner will be.

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Very Cool - Congratulations!